My First Blog Post

Greetings! It’s my very first blog!! Exciting and nerve reckoning, as I have not a clue as to what I am doing. I do know my purpose, and that’s to express my mind and thoughts on every day life. Life is a cycle of psychological ideas, and that’s the simple beauty of it all. Let’s talk !

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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One life

We only get one life to live. A few words, which hold so much meaning. There are times I have to ask myself…SELF how do you want to spend this one life given to you !? Do you want to spend it apologizing to those you have disappointed, do you want to spend it dwelling on the past; questioning life decisions. Do you want to spend it constantly thinking and procrastinating life decisions…do you want to spend it pleasing other people.

I don’t know much, but I have come to the conclusion that I want to spend my time here brave. I want to go for it all, not being worried about time, finances and whether the task at hand is difficult or not. I don’t want to do what society says I should, I don’t want to be put in a box..I want to create my own. There’s so much I want to do, and I’m still figuring it out. I’m still putting the pieces together.

Do you know what you really want !?

The Art of Manifest

In this world full of uncertainty it can be such a struggle to be positive and live each day without a worry. Today I struggle with manifesting positive thoughts. I struggle, but I still push through; for I know in my heart I must be eager for greatness. I must be compliant and stagger through any negativity that overwhelms my mind. I have to control any negative thoughts and bring myself to happy places instead.

Think positive, Manifest happiness. Our thoughts are powerful. Learning each day to adopt a great attitude for gratitude.



Earlier I heard a particular question which I thought to be a bit interesting…

Would you want to know when it’s your last day here on Earth..Alive (last day of loved ones)? Would it better prepare you mentally…Would it really help you to live your best life.

My thoughts on this are as follows; many would say they would not want to know. It would still make them sad, it won’t allow them to live their best life as they would dwell on the specified date daily. I disagree slightly…keyword “slightly”. I believe it would prepare you better mentally. The thing about life and death that scares us most is the unexpected, not knowing when, hoping for extended days but not really knowing. But if we truly knew, It would be the norm and you would live life accordingly. You would have paper work in order, you may have finances more prepared..it would eliminate unwanted stress. It may help people to really love harder and put more effort into relationships/friends. People would work harder at communication. You would strive harder to get that Degree, or start that business..or take that trip you’ve always wanted…procrastination would not exist. Life would be lived more!

Just a thought and I can be very wrong..and maybe it’s best to NOT know, just live ❤️.

SIP Kobe & Gigi

One day…

My sweet children

As I read this I felt so much emotion. My 3 girls, whom I love so very much; I hope to one day see them grow into adulthood. I hope to one day watch them grow families of their own. I hope to watch them walk into their childhood home and feel the love and comfort they now feel as children. For My Girls, my door will forever be open ❤️.

Believing in YOU !

Believing in yourself is the First and Most difficult step in Accomplishing in your Mental Well-Being. It is so easy to say you “Can’t” 👎🏾do something, rather than saying you “Can” 🙂and putting forth the necessary effort. I’ve felt this, things I want to do, but feeling as though I can’t; with fear of failure. No Shame! Not only fear of failure, but perhaps not Being as knowledgeable as you “think” you should be. But I think we are all here for a reason, we were created for a purpose, and that’s something no one can steal. What do you 🤔 think ❓

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Manifestation Monday

In life, there is no magic or secret wand we can wave to see our dreams. We can Manifest our wants, our needs and our desires. One single positive thought to the mind, a thought which you have to believe. A great effort into the imagination can manifest it all to reality. You want something; think of it, make sense of it, then focus on it and follow it. Claim it!

HIGHLY Sensitive Person

HSP…Highly Sensitive Person. Has anyone ever referred to you as being sensitive. “You’re overreacting”, “Stop taking things so personally”. Words you may have heard, in such a negative tone. Giving you the impression that something is wrong with you because you react with feeling and or deeper emotions.

To begin there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with being sensitive. It’s not a disorder or mental illness. HSP does not cause depression, in fact being sensitive is healthy in more ways than none. It’s shows you appreciate your environment and are more socially competent than a nonsensitive person. I’ve been told I’m sensitive and I can state from experience, it simply means I love harder. I’m mindful of others and my surroundings. I am a natural nurturing individual that cares deeply, even to those who may not reciprocate my feelings or thoughts.

We all want to be tough and overcome all obstacles that come our way, however it’s ok if you can’t handle every brick thrown at you. It’s ok to break down and feel, and it’s definitely ok to talk about it. It’s alright to be labeled as sensitive. Love and give light to others. An individual who can accept their true feelings, is a true super human.

Love and be loved !

Emotions Mind Blogging

My Mind is filled with constant thoughts; whether they are things I have to do, things I need to do, or things I want to do. The thoughts seem to never go away, they overload.

Is it just me, or do you ever think you’re on a race with your thoughts…. I think the world we live in diminishes us into believing if you have tons of thoughts you have some sort of mental insignificant issue. I do not believe this to be completely true. Let’s pause for a moment….Yes, you may have issues, but luckily you are breathing and life has issues in every single direction. However, if your mind is running, be still and turn it into greatness. It simply means you have meaning, you have a strong need for expression. It’s means you have a purpose, and in no way can that be defined as negative. Stand tall, and do not let your mind boggle into confusion. Do not let the oppressors of the universe sabotage you and diagnose you. Live and love your meaningful, emotional blogging mind.