One life

We only get one life to live. A few words, which hold so much meaning. There are times I have to ask myself…SELF how do you want to spend this one life given to you !? Do you want to spend it apologizing to those you have disappointed, do you want to spend it dwelling on the past; questioning life decisions. Do you want to spend it constantly thinking and procrastinating life decisions…do you want to spend it pleasing other people.

I don’t know much, but I have come to the conclusion that I want to spend my time here brave. I want to go for it all, not being worried about time, finances and whether the task at hand is difficult or not. I don’t want to do what society says I should, I don’t want to be put in a box..I want to create my own. There’s so much I want to do, and I’m still figuring it out. I’m still putting the pieces together.

Do you know what you really want !?

Published by mlawrence2020

I am a dedicated, hard working, independent individual with a beautiful family of my own. I live my life each day constantly thinking of ways in which I can make improvements. I am a true human being, as I do have to admit; I do care what others think of me; however I live in such of way, that I do not let their thoughts control me.

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