Earlier I heard a particular question which I thought to be a bit interesting…

Would you want to know when it’s your last day here on Earth..Alive (last day of loved ones)? Would it better prepare you mentally…Would it really help you to live your best life.

My thoughts on this are as follows; many would say they would not want to know. It would still make them sad, it won’t allow them to live their best life as they would dwell on the specified date daily. I disagree slightly…keyword “slightly”. I believe it would prepare you better mentally. The thing about life and death that scares us most is the unexpected, not knowing when, hoping for extended days but not really knowing. But if we truly knew, It would be the norm and you would live life accordingly. You would have paper work in order, you may have finances more would eliminate unwanted stress. It may help people to really love harder and put more effort into relationships/friends. People would work harder at communication. You would strive harder to get that Degree, or start that business..or take that trip you’ve always wanted…procrastination would not exist. Life would be lived more!

Just a thought and I can be very wrong..and maybe it’s best to NOT know, just live ❤️.

SIP Kobe & Gigi

Published by mlawrence2020

I am a dedicated, hard working, independent individual with a beautiful family of my own. I live my life each day constantly thinking of ways in which I can make improvements. I am a true human being, as I do have to admit; I do care what others think of me; however I live in such of way, that I do not let their thoughts control me.

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