HIGHLY Sensitive Person

HSP…Highly Sensitive Person. Has anyone ever referred to you as being sensitive. “You’re overreacting”, “Stop taking things so personally”. Words you may have heard, in such a negative tone. Giving you the impression that something is wrong with you because you react with feeling and or deeper emotions.

To begin there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with being sensitive. It’s not a disorder or mental illness. HSP does not cause depression, in fact being sensitive is healthy in more ways than none. It’s shows you appreciate your environment and are more socially competent than a nonsensitive person. I’ve been told I’m sensitive and I can state from experience, it simply means I love harder. I’m mindful of others and my surroundings. I am a natural nurturing individual that cares deeply, even to those who may not reciprocate my feelings or thoughts.

We all want to be tough and overcome all obstacles that come our way, however it’s ok if you can’t handle every brick thrown at you. It’s ok to break down and feel, and it’s definitely ok to talk about it. It’s alright to be labeled as sensitive. Love and give light to others. An individual who can accept their true feelings, is a true super human.

Love and be loved !

Published by mlawrence2020

I am a dedicated, hard working, independent individual with a beautiful family of my own. I live my life each day constantly thinking of ways in which I can make improvements. I am a true human being, as I do have to admit; I do care what others think of me; however I live in such of way, that I do not let their thoughts control me.

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