On My Mind..

My mind is a constant world wind of thoughts, thoughts which I deem to keep inside as some I do not want to become reality. I believe as human beings we try our best to control our thoughts, but this is not always the case. The mind is an abstract concept used to characterize thoughts, feelings, subjective states, and self-awareness that apparently arise from the brain. It’s said your thoughts become reality, and so I make a conscientious effort to surround myself with positivity; which in result control any negativity as best as can be.

I am working on this daily, controlling my psychological mind from negativity. It is a constant struggle, but I know I am equipped to handle the struggle. The following is the reason for me beginning this blog…we all know writing is a form of therapy. It a way of expressing your thoughts and ideas; whether negative or positive. I shall continue to share….Lets talk!

Mystery of the Mind

Published by mlawrence2020

I am a dedicated, hard working, independent individual with a beautiful family of my own. I live my life each day constantly thinking of ways in which I can make improvements. I am a true human being, as I do have to admit; I do care what others think of me; however I live in such of way, that I do not let their thoughts control me.

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