My First Blog Post

Greetings! It’s my very first blog!! Exciting and nerve reckoning, as I have not a clue as to what I am doing. I do know my purpose, and that’s to express my mind and thoughts on every day life. Life is a cycle of psychological ideas, and that’s the simple beauty of it all. Let’s talk !

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.


Feelings and emotions run high in my blood. In fact I have been told I am too emotional and “weak”. I will not take to any offense, as I have accepted that perhaps I am emotional; not a horrible thing. It’s a beautiful thing, in fact I have the ability to strongly empathize and sympathize with others. Empathy is about standing in someone else’s shoes, it is about viewing things from a different perspective and simply being open minded and compassionate to others. I care for others in ways that disappoints my heart at times, but still I put myself in their shoes and try to feel what they must be feeling. I take time to evaluate why a person behaves the way they do, and my feelings force me to rationalize their behavior. My empathetic heart finds it difficult to set boundaries in my relationships with most people. The following can be a negative thing, but yet my level of empathy continues to work on ways of protecting myself, while still loving others.

Social Media Cleanse

I have to admit I’m guilty of logging on to my social media apps daily…multiple times throughout the day. It’s almost addicting to swipe and go through your feed. Honestly it’s become second nature to just pick up your phone, even if it’s for meaningless purposes. It almost feels like a necessity most days (however it’s not). I may not post daily, but I’m watching daily 👀. There’s times I’m watching and reading things which serves no justice in my life!

So here it is…I’m taking a break! A much needed social media cleansing. It’s only day 2 and I feel a slight sense of peace.

A method of spiritual maintenance. Let’s admit, it’s important to prioritize your own self care. I most definitely need to practice more self care habits. Do not be mistaken, I support the use of platforms such as Instagram & FB; they bring communities together, they help promote businesses and encourage people to socialize and speak their minds freely, they even reunite friends and have been the result of love connections happening. The very same platforms that increase depression and anxiety in people, and force many to create an imaginary lifestyle which in fact isn’t real and or rationale.

I’ll be back, but in the mean time I’ve been called to take a long break and avoid certain distractions. I’ll spend some time alone, I’ll go out more often, read actual physical books, practice mindfulness. I’ll develop more skills which will enhance my personal growth and success in life; heck, I’ll even sleep more. I’ll give more time to those who exist in my day to day life. Social media will always exist, but in the mean time I shall unplug and focus on the real life which is thankfully presented to me.

Unplug, unwind..drink a glass of wine (not posting it on social media lol) ! Peace✌🏾 & Mental Health Awareness !

Farewell 2020

Saying farewell to 2020 feels lovely; and quite honestly I can’t say it was a horrible year. In many ways I’ve reached higher heights than ever before. I’ve learned a lot and I have accomplished a ton. I have made personal growth in my life and have accepted that life will be ok, even if it means leaving some behind. Even if it means failing in some aspects of my life; such as personal relationships etc etc….In past years I have always struggled with not wanting to fail 👎🏾…In fact, I’ve forced things to work in order to avoid failure. The year 2020 has taught me it’s ok to fail, failure is the epitome of success to come.

I walk into 2021 with gratitude and a heart full of love. Be safe & mask up !

It’s been awhile…

It’s been awhile since I’ve expressed my true self, it’s been awhile since I have allowed myself to really be free. Always doing my best to live up to others expectations, rather than accepting my truth. Always doing what I believe is considered to be “right”.

As the current year ends, and the new one begins; how will I correct my inner concerns?! I do not want to do what is right in the eyes of many; instead I want to be free and do what is right in the eyes of me, even if it’s considered “wrong” 🤷🏽‍♀️! I just want to be me; happy & free! It doesn’t mean I don’t give a damn about others, it simply means I just care more about me!

One life

We only get one life to live. A few words, which hold so much meaning. There are times I have to ask myself…SELF how do you want to spend this one life given to you !? Do you want to spend it apologizing to those you have disappointed, do you want to spend it dwelling on the past; questioning life decisions. Do you want to spend it constantly thinking and procrastinating life decisions…do you want to spend it pleasing other people.

I don’t know much, but I have come to the conclusion that I want to spend my time here brave. I want to go for it all, not being worried about time, finances and whether the task at hand is difficult or not. I don’t want to do what society says I should, I don’t want to be put in a box..I want to create my own. There’s so much I want to do, and I’m still figuring it out. I’m still putting the pieces together.

Do you know what you really want !?

The Art of Manifest

In this world full of uncertainty it can be such a struggle to be positive and live each day without a worry. Today I struggle with manifesting positive thoughts. I struggle, but I still push through; for I know in my heart I must be eager for greatness. I must be compliant and stagger through any negativity that overwhelms my mind. I have to control any negative thoughts and bring myself to happy places instead.

Think positive, Manifest happiness. Our thoughts are powerful. Learning each day to adopt a great attitude for gratitude.



Earlier I heard a particular question which I thought to be a bit interesting…

Would you want to know when it’s your last day here on Earth..Alive (last day of loved ones)? Would it better prepare you mentally…Would it really help you to live your best life.

My thoughts on this are as follows; many would say they would not want to know. It would still make them sad, it won’t allow them to live their best life as they would dwell on the specified date daily. I disagree slightly…keyword “slightly”. I believe it would prepare you better mentally. The thing about life and death that scares us most is the unexpected, not knowing when, hoping for extended days but not really knowing. But if we truly knew, It would be the norm and you would live life accordingly. You would have paper work in order, you may have finances more prepared..it would eliminate unwanted stress. It may help people to really love harder and put more effort into relationships/friends. People would work harder at communication. You would strive harder to get that Degree, or start that business..or take that trip you’ve always wanted…procrastination would not exist. Life would be lived more!

Just a thought and I can be very wrong..and maybe it’s best to NOT know, just live ❤️.

SIP Kobe & Gigi

One day…

My sweet children

As I read this I felt so much emotion. My 3 girls, whom I love so very much; I hope to one day see them grow into adulthood. I hope to one day watch them grow families of their own. I hope to watch them walk into their childhood home and feel the love and comfort they now feel as children. For My Girls, my door will forever be open ❤️.